• Less peripheral devices
  • Improve working conditions
  • Protect valuable IT equipment
  • Fail-safe and robust

Intelligent solutions for broadcast and post production

Our KVM solutions are the backbone of computer technology in broadcast applications. Requirements such as desks without computers, a quiet working environment and permanent access to the computers must be guaranteed.

KVM allows you to use your technical equipment more flexibly, offering stability in 24/7 operations and provides reliability – in studios, post productions and animation studios. The peripherals-saving solution reduces the noise level in the studio and avoids unnecessary heat emissions.

How KVM works in studios

Thanks to KVM products computers can be removed from workplaces into central equipment areas, completely separated from the production-level users. By employing KVM matrix switches it is possible to operate several hundreds of computers via several hundreds simultaneous workstations.

The computers are housed in the computer room from where they can be easily operated over a separate administration console. A dedicated CAT or fibre optic connection integrates the productive workplaces into the operational concept. Now users work on their computers without realising any latency or loss of quality.


Remove computer equipment from the studio and use your technical equipment more flexible

OB vans

Access technology from everywhere and save more space in different working areas

Post production

Creating computer free offices and optimize your working conditions

The largest KVM product portfolio at the market

We offer the largest KVM product portfolio at the market. All G&D products as well as their variants are compatible with each other and can be combined even in largest applications

Our KVM solutions optimise your IT equipment and increase productivity for man and machine.

If you need the best possible KVM equipment for your specific application and a completely worry-free solution, ask us – from professionals to professionals.


Extend the access to your computer up to 10,000 m and still work in real-time.



Efficient operation of 2 to 256 computers over one or two competing consoles



Access multiple computers from various consoles.

Extend & switch

(W)hole in one with KVM from G&D - User report

Golf Channel is an American cable and satellite television network and multimedia company that is a part of the NBC Sports Group division of NBCUniversal. 

Exclusive partnerships with the world’s top tours allow Golf Channel to feature more live golf coverage than all networks combined.

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